Been declined by your bank or finance company for a personal loan?

  Do you own a car or have equity in your home? 

"If you do then can help"

(arranged externally through one of Australia's largest non-bank lenders)

$1000 - $10,000 SHORT TERM QUICK LOAN

This secured loan can be taken out over a 12 - 36 month term.  Security for this loan is over any vehicle or boat of any age that is not under finance already.  We can also lend against home equity.

Approval on this loan application is normally within 24 hours

Defaults, Ex Bankrupts etc all considered. Short term employment, casual, part time, Self Employed, Pensions, Family  allowance all accepted. This is the perfect personal loan to get you back on track or for short term finance up to $10,000

NEWSFLASH - The lender can now look at up to $2000 unsecured.





The online application is to help us find the right loan for you. No credit enquiries are made until you are happy with the loan we propose for you.



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